A Personally Tailored Journey to Embodying Ultimate Transformation, Evolution and Change.

Bespoke packages run from anywhere between 8 weeks to 12 months and are an in-depth one-on-one experience with Energy Psychology, Voice, Empowerment, Life, Biz Coach and Mentor Alyssa Martyn.

You may be...

  • Ready for bigger shifts on your healing journey.
  • Ready to start taking action on your goals, dreams and desires.
  • Needing help for starting your own biz and making real impact.
  • Ready to find your full voice and manifest a life you love in love, health, wealth and biz.
  • Already in service and wanting to support yourself and others using the holistic approach.

You're ready to...

  • Create a life you deserve.
  • Take action and squeeze life instead of let life squeeze you.
  • Make real and longlasting transformations.

How I Help You

We cover every aspect of your human to ensure you are stepping into real self-leadership and know how to handle adversity when it arrives.

This is about you learning self-reliance, resilience and mastery.

We cover



Together we retrain the nervous system, raise consciousness, rewire the mind, change the narrative, heal and learn emotional and vibrational mastery so you can feel AUTHENTIC, EMPOWERED, ALIVE and ALIGNED.

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Meet Your Coach and Mentor...

Alyssa Martyn is an Energy Psychology, Voice, Empowerment, Biz, Life Coach & Mentor with a profound and unique approach that has helped hundreds of humans heal, thrive and make impact.


She works with people from all walks of life including Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Holistic teachers, Practitioners, Speakers, Mature Women and New Mums. Every woman is welcome!


Her work guides people to master their energy (emotions), hack their vibration, unlock their expression, reclaim their voice and step into magnetism for calling in what their soul desires.


Diagnosed at just 8 years old, Alyssa suffered with chronic anxiety, stress, OCD and severe depression for 19 years. She also moved through body dysmorphia, bullying and suicidal thinking.


Alyssa combines her personal experience moving through mental health disorders (and eliminating them naturally) with years of work utilising specific modalities that retrain the nervous system, retrain the mind, activate the heart and help heal emotional blocks at the root.


With years of experience working closely with women, she guides them to step into real self-leadership, authenticity, contribution, purpose, abundance and alignment.


training, experience and modalities you receive...

  • Neuroliniguistic Programming
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Breathwork
  • Tantra
  • Kundalini
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping
  • Thought Freedom Tapping
  • Energy Medicine
  • Yin and Multi-Style Yoga
  • Yoga for Healing Trauma, anxiety and stress
  • Peter Levine Healing Trauma
  • Energy Psychology
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Shadow Work
  • Professional Voice and Singing
  • Dance and Movement
  • Performance Management
  • 19 years of diagnosed mental health issues and healing holistically.
  • 6 years professional career in Theatre and Film (West End and International)
  • BA Hons Degree in Music in Theatre at Guildford School of Acting

Current Success Stories


Mental Health Therapist

"The work I have done with Alyssa has been transformational.


I came to realise that all my chakras were misaligned due to issues I wasn’t addressing in most, if not all of my relationships and areas of life such as unhappiness in work and feeling overwhelmed with everything else, such as feeling I wasn’t giving enough to anyone else. Alyssa helped me to see I wasn’t giving enough to myself and that fundamentally that had to change before I could ever feel like I could be enough for anyone else. This helped me to see that it was because of never having been given enough space in my own childhood to express my emotions that I had internalized the belief that others should come first or were always the priority, leaving me feeling empty inside and lost.

Alyssa has helped me to see that for the full processing of trauma to occur movement and bodywork are essential components of the overall recovery journey and this will help me now to guide others in the right direction when blocks arise in talking therapy. It has also helped me to see that in order to prevent a stress reaction from recurring, I have to do regular work on unblocking emotion, still trapped in my body from years of suppressing my emotions as a child and work on the free expression of emotion to prevent this build-up from happening again.

It changes lives, so give yourself this chance, Alyssa is so compassionate and shows no judgment whatsoever, but offers total acceptance of you for all that you are and this and her personality is what carries you through the pain you may feel and opens up the possibility of real change occurring from within you, at your innermost core."


Psychological Therapist

I was struggling to find general ‘peace’ in my
life. I just felt I needed to heal from a lifetime of on and off mental health problems. I wanted to learn how to reach a higher vibration but also learn to shift the negative energetic state I felt in my body. As a Psychological therapist, I am much better at working with the mind, but less with the body. I wanted to learn to bring it all together and this is
what this course helped me do. It’s something completely different and I

had never done anything like this before. I wanted to connect with my deeper self and just generate positive energy within me, but also around me. I wanted to learn to improve my relationships with others, but also with myself.

Since doing the course, I have noticed such a difference with consciousness around breathing. I have also learned to let go of people that no longer serve me as I was holding onto them for a long time. I have learned about masculine and feminine energies and just about trying to get a balance of the two. I know I needed to be kinder to myself for sure and slow down day to day. I learned more about myself, my needs, my shortfalls but also ways to emotionally regulate myself when I need to. I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone who is wanting to tap into their spiritual side, but also build that closeness between mind and body work. It holds you accountable to do the work and really helps you feel less alone what with you are facing. I
felt at my highest vibration whilst doing the course.


Children's Counsellor

"It is so easy to let go in your sessions Alyssa or should I say, I am finding that I can let go more and more since joining your programs.  


So much resonates with me as an individual and as a professional - I am so aware that I am nodding so much in agreement with things you teach and say that I wonder if my head might fall off!


I am like a sponge in the sessions - absorbing every word!


Thanks to your teaching and guidance - it enables me to be truly present for clients and it helps them to safely process their life difficulties.  But basically, to say, your teaching is so far-reaching - what an incredible cycle of energy sharing. 


So once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

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Find out if this is right for you...

To see if you are a right fit for a bespoke journey please apply within by completing the application form (it's quick!) and book your free breakthrough call, Here we can discuss the next steps and what the program investment looks like if you are suited to the program. This call is free and there is no obligation to join.

Alyssa only works with women who are ready to take action, invest in their personal and spiritual growth and say yes to life!

You're done...

  • Playing victim
  • Feeling stuck
  • Letting emotions appear as obstacles in your growth
  • Letting life's circimstances stop you from rising

You're ready to...

  • Take action now
  • Trust and believe in yourself
  • Commit to yourself
  • Raise vibration and live life fully!


Is this group coaching or 1:1?

This is a 1:1 program with Alyssa.

Where do sessions take place?

The sessions take place on zoom or by phone (if UK-based). Zoom can be downloaded on any device.

What time will the sessions be?

This is arranged prior to you joining.

How do I access the extra material and what does it include?

You will receive all login details to your online space via email.

Extra material consists of extra resources for spiritual and personal growth. You have access to the embodiment membership VIBE for nervous system support and further transformation and practices.

How long are the calls?

Calls are 60-90 minutes

When will I feel results?

Practice makes progression. This depends entirely on your commitment to the work.