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I have a feeling you’re ready to finally speak up, stand out, and make $ doing what you love

Hi there, I’m Alyssa Martyn- Conscious Voice, Business and Life Coach, and founder of Voice of Her: an online community where 5,000+ conscious women are becoming fully voiced in business and life…

​But long before that, I was an actress hiding behind the characters I played on stages in London.

When the lights went dark and the makeup came off, my voice went quiet.

I wasn’t able to step into the spotlight as myself even though I felt a calling to lead and inspire others.

It had been that way since I was 8 years old. That’s when bullying, anxiety, and OCD buried my voice deep within.

For decades, I hid my voice and full expression from the world.

I felt my chest grow tighter when it came time to speak as myself in front of an audience…

The loneliness of being misunderstood…

And the claustrophobia of not rising to meet my full potential…

I yearned to unlock my authentic power and quit playing pretend. But I didn’t yet know that the cure was already within me.

I spent over two decades studying the voice and the human, I earned certificates for several modalities including energy psychology, NLP, yoga, quantum manifestation, and healing trauma. And completed more than 14 courses in applied integrated holistic practices and voice mastery.

All to better understand how I could triumph over the pain and call my dream life into being.

As I learned more about the connections between trauma, healing, and self-expression, I saw the voice as the life-altering tool that it is.


I started speaking up.

Healing my throat wound and voicing my truth changed EVERYTHING.

Finally, I:

👋 confidently waved goodbye to a town, job, and life that wasn’t setting my soul on fire

📈 Launched an online business and scaled it to 6 figures in two years

🫂 Cultivated an engaged community of 5,000+ women reclaiming their voices, stories, and destinies

❤ Found the love of my life and finally felt fully seen and heard in a relationship

✈ Traveled the world working remotely from sun-soaked, health-giving destinations

But I’m not special.

You, too, can use your voice to create the impact, influence, and income you desire.

And my mission is to help you do it.

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