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Hey Chica, Welcome

6 - Figure Heart-Led Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Voice of Her, Voice Expert Coach & Business Mentor

Alyssa uses a unique method to liberate women's voices, expression and thriving potential, personally, professionally and financially.


She works with women desiring to own voice, make an impact and manifest a life they are worth in love, contribution, business, health and wealth.


Alyssa has worked with people from all walks of life and combines her years of experience as an ex-professional singer/actress (West End and International) with her career as a Master Coach and Mentor in empowering women to heal, make impact and thrive.


Clients include Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Coaches, Healers, Holistic Facilitators, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Singers, Teachers, Biz Owners, New Moms, and Speakers.

Through a unique integrated holistic approach, Alyssa guides people to play full out in life, get out of the head and into the heart and focus on what really matters.


Alyssa's Training and Experience

Neurolinguistic Programming/ Mindfulness Practice/ Breathwork/ Emotional Freedom Tapping/ Thought Freedom Tapping/ Energy Medicine/Yin and Multi-Style Yoga/Yoga for Healing Trauma, anxiety and stress/Peter Levine Healing Trauma/Energy Psychology/Meditation/Tantra/Kundalini/Mantra/Jungian Psychology/Shadow Work/Quantum Manifestation/Professional Voice and Singing/Dance and Movement/Performance Management/19 years of diagnosed mental health issues and healing holistically/6 years professional career in Theatre and Film (West End and International)/BA Hons Degree in Music in Theatre at Guildford School of Acting/B-School Marie Forleo/ Loren Trlin Business Accelerator

My Why

I've been where you are now...

It's important to me that you know WHY I share this work, so here's my story in short...


At 8 years old I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, anxiety and depression. I struggled for 19 years until I healed myself naturally through a holistic approach.

I was suffering internally throughout my childhood and so I took to singing, dancing and acting because it helped me release and escape the struggle.

As I began finding my voice and expression on stage, I experienced deeply cutting sisterhood wounds and was bullied at school.

Hit with betrayal, rejection and misjudgment, this experience silenced me.

I contracted in social settings and was nicknamed "The Quiet Girl" for some time.

And worst of all...I neglected this pull from within, a deep calling to be a leader, create change and share my essence with the world.

After a professional career in Theatre and Film, I had all the skills to voice 'in character' but it wasn't until I began healing my trauma and working on my authentic self that I unlocked my full potential in every area of my life.

And this is when I became of service and created my heart-led, now, 6 figure business (in two years)!

Now fully voiced and fully unfiltered, I make an impact in the world and have been creating a life that I never thought possible (back when I was muted).

I'm currently traveling the world, with my gorgeous man and empowering women all over the world and I'm more abundant and free than ever!

I want this for you too.

I want to show you what's possible and what you deserve.