What is Own Your Voice?

Own Your Voice is a 10-week (one-to-one) Coaching and Mentoring Program for Aspiring or Active Female Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Women in Heart-led Businesses

For leaders, communicating is an energetic exchange, your voice is your FREQUENCY and the main powerhouse to the outside world!

Are you ready to have your unique perspective heard, make your purpose your paycheck and actually enjoy showing up as the leader that you are?

Are you ready to impact your audience and clients on a whole new level?

Would you like to feel at ease when you contribute and share your voice?

This is your time to play louder, be bolder and truly contribute to the world and in the process build a life you love and deserve!

The Blocks:

  • Feeling insecure about your abilities and value as a female entrepreneur or leader.
  • Doubting your own abilities and questioning if you are truly cut out for entrepreneurship or leadership roles.
  • Feeling like you have little control over your career and professional development.
  • Frustrated with your lack of progress and opportunities for advancement in your industry.
  • Afraid of speaking up or taking risks in your business, for fear of failure or rejection.
  • Limited in your ability to manifest your goals because you're unable to identify or overcome limiting beliefs and liberate your voice.
  • Overwhelmed by the responsibilities and pressures of being a female entrepreneur or leader.
  • Lacking the confidence to take the steps necessary to advance your business or leadership role.
  • Feel inhibited from using your voice creatively, whether it be in podcasting, singing, creating music, public speaking, or other forms of self-expression, due to a lack of confidence or fear of judgment.

But You're So Ready For:

  • Confidence in your abilities and value as a female entrepreneur or leader.
  • Empowerment to use your voice and express your message to the world.
  • More control of your career and professional development.
  • Courage to take risks and pursue new opportunities in your business or career.
  • Autonomy and having the freedom and ability to create the life you deserve, in terms of both personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Enjoyment when being visible in the public eye, whether it be through media appearances, speaking engagements, or other forms of public representation.
  • Clarity on your goals, direction, and purpose.
  • Freedom of expression creatively, whether it be through podcasting, singing, or other forms of self-expression, without fear of judgment or inhibition.
  • Prosperity by making a positive impact through your business or leadership role, resulting in financial growth and success.
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What You'll Experience On

Own Your Voice

Weekly Personal Coaching

In-depth coaching and mentoring with Alyssa each week

Weekly coaching with Alyssa will be the impetus for your transformation. Sessions last 60-90 minutes.

Although Own Your Voice has structure (see modules below), Alyssa coaches very intuitively, meaning it's a flexible container for you and anything that comes up in your journey is moved through in session.

WhatsApp Support

with Alyssa

You are a VIP client, meaning you are priority.

Throughout your journey you have WhatsApp access to Alyssa for further support.

You can exchange breakthroughs and any questions via voice clips/ messages.

Empowering Community

Private WhatsApp group with women on their voice journey

A tribe of women on the same journey (VOH Academy Members and VIP Clients), all supporting and empowering one another.

This is how we give voice to women, through sisterhood and creating a safe space for women to be heard, seen, felt and cheered on.  

Who is this for?

ACTIVE Female Leaders

E.g. Coaches/Mentors/ Facilitators/Healers/



Influencers/Those in Service/Space Holders/ Entreprenuers/Thought Leaders

Anyone showing up in the public eye making impact using their voice

ASPIRING Female Leaders

E.g. Coaches/Mentors/ Facilitators/Healers/



Singers/ Those in Service/Space Holders/ Entreprenuers/Thought Leaders

Anyone feeling the call to step into the public eye or get louder in their industry

Vocally Blocked Women

Women in biz, relationships and employment experiencing vocal block, anxiety around speaking up and speaking truth.

Any woman feeling expressionally and vocally blocked

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Why Work With Me?

Empowerment and Liberation

You're ready to be heard and free yourself from the fear of being judged.

Why? So you can focus on what matters...being of service.

This work empowers your professional life and your personal life because it's all about unleashing your true voice to the world and becoming unapologetically you.

Making Impact and Money

It's our responsibility to use our voice as best as we can and it's our responsibility to honour what our heart desires.

You deserve to do work that fulfills your soul, you deserve to be heard and you deserve to thrive financially.

Creating a Life You Deserve

When a woman becomes fully voiced, every corner of her life changes. Showing up in authenticity makes us magnetic for what we desire in our relationships, business, and finances.

Your voice matters in the manifestation of your entire life because it's your portal to the external world and can be the difference between you living in limitation versus liberation.

What Women Say...

Client Love

"I'm moving forward with this new found voice!"

- Lexi, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

"Alyssa is so non-judgmental and puts you at ease, in a safe space, and allows you to be vulnerable."

- Sarah, Holistic Health Coach

"I feel I can do anything, I've got the power to do ANYTHING!"

- Sophie, Trained Nutritionist and Train Conductor

"I literally couldn't sleep because I was buzzing, excited about what was to come for me!"

- EJ, Staff and Developing Manager

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this to people, they would be very lucky to get the chance to work with you."

- Sanny, Career Woman and New Mum


Is this group coaching or 1:1?

This is a 10-week 1:1 program with Alyssa.

Where do sessions take place?

The sessions take place on zoom or by phone (if UK-based). Zoom can be downloaded on any device.

What's the investment and are there payment plans?

To learn investment options please book a call and apply within. There are different payment plans available and we can discuss what best suits you.

What time will the sessions be?

This is arranged prior to you joining.

How long are the calls?

Calls are 60-90 minutes.

When will I feel the results?

Practice makes progress. This depends entirely on your commitment to the work.

Does this work require me to sing?

A little! And there will be options to do more if that calls you! For example, if you are a sound healer/ voice artist.


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