​Before we begin we have some important things to cover. We know legals aren't much fun but as a business we have to protect our women! Thank you for understanding.

Terms and conditions:

​Upon payment, you are claiming your spot on this program! Congrats!

Once you choose a mode of payment (monthly or full payment upfront) and the order is confirmed and payment received we do not issue refunds or deferrals.

Removal or Discontinuance:

You may be removed from the program for malicious, inappropriate, offensive, or harmful behavior towards the Coach or fellow participants. The behavior may be physical, verbal, or manifested through Voice of Her related electronic or digital means such as through text, e-mail, social media, online forums, or other similar means.

In the case that you are removed from the program this does not exempt you from making any payment due.

You authorize Voice of Her/Alyssa Martyn to charge any credit card or use any payment information you have provided for the purpose of making all monthly payments due. 

All fees paid by you to Voice of Her/Alyssa Martyn are NONREFUNDABLE which is clear in writing upon payment being taken at www.voiceofher.com. Removal or Discontinuance does not entitle you to a refund.

Intellectual Property: 

Voice of Her/Alyssa Martyn retains all rights, ownership, title, and interest in its proprietary works, Confidential Information, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, trade secrets, and all other intellectual property. Voice of Her/Alyssa Martyn grants you a revocable license to use lessons, course work, and materials of the Program and to implement them in your personal and professional life. The license does not include unauthorized sharing, sales, or for commercial purposes.

Your Responsibility:

You agree to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of your actions and choices related to the Program. 

Voice of Her/ Alyssa Martyn does not warrant or guarantee any results from the use, access, or participation in the Program.

You agree that results related to or arising from application of the Program will vary depending on circumstances outside of Voice of Her/ Alyssa Martyn's control such as your level of commitment and consistency.


Unless Voice of Her/Alyssa Martyn gives its prior express written consent, you will not use, teach, sell, share, provide, or make available to any third party any proprietary or Confidential Information of Voice of Her/ Alyssa Martyn Coaching. You warrant, represent, and agree to hold all Confidential Information in trust and confidence, using all reasonable care to avoid unauthorized use, disclosure, or dissemination. 

Legals done! Thank you for taking the time to read.