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For Freedom -Seeking Fempreneurs, Coaches and Thought-Leaders

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The Voice of Her Academy

Speak & Scale

For Freedom -Seeking Fempreneurs, Coaches and Thought-Leaders

SPEAK UP for your business and get VISIBLE so you can finally call in the SUCCESS you deserve!

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You’ve got a message the world needs to hear. You know it. Your close friends know it. And even though we haven’t met yet—I know it.

But when it comes time to sharing your unique value and voice, you choke.

You literally feel the words get stuck. Like a 50-car pile-up on the highway, they crash, bang, and halt in one of your most sacred and powerful chakras. Your throat.

You smile through it and swallow them down. After all, whatever you were going to say probably wasn’t going to change the world, right?

The speaking gig, engaged Instagram community, podcast, and roster of clients will be yours if they're meant to be…right?

Wrong, my love.

The One Thing Standing Between You

And Success?

Your qualifications? No.

The algorithm? Nope.

Your financial situation? Think again.

It’s your silence.

With 4.5 billion people plugged into the internet, it has never been easier to grow a soul-serving online business, share your value, and attract your like-minded community.

That is — if you know how to show up as your authentic self, step into authority and confidently voice your brilliance.

Tell me if this sounds like YOU? :

You're ready to confidently speak your message out into the world (on and offline) and get paid what you're worth, doing what you love!

You're ready to listen to the voice within, get clear on your unique value and reach the next level in your business.

You're ready to own the virtual stage, build presence and visibility so you can grow your heart-led community and impact lives!

And guess what?

There are so many people out there who are EXCITED for you to share what you know.

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And I bet you're ready to

Stop experiencing:

Fear mindset, a pounding heart, and sweaty palms when it comes time to share your unique wisdom and value.

Watching others get the clients and business growth you know could be yours if only step into your unique and authentic voice.

Deep dread about showing up online and making the noise required to grow your business.

What Our Community Members Are Saying...

Real women are finding their power in their business and life inside

the Voice of Her Academy!

I have a feeling you’re ready to finally share your story, stand out, and call in $$$ doing what you love

Hi there, I’m Alyssa Martyn- Business Mentor, Holistic Speaking Coach & Founder of Voice of Her

​But long before that, I was an actress hiding behind the characters I played on stages in London.

When the lights went dark and the makeup came off, my voice went quiet.

I wasn’t able to step into the spotlight as myself even though I felt a calling to lead and inspire others.

It had been that way since I was 8 years old. That’s when bullying, anxiety, and OCD buried my voice deep within.

For decades, I hid my voice and full expression from the world.

I felt my chest grow tighter when it came time to speak as myself in front of an audience…

The loneliness of being misunderstood…

And the claustrophobia of not rising to meet my full potential…

I yearned to unlock my authentic power and quit playing pretend. But I didn’t yet know that the cure was already within me.

I spent over two decades studying the voice and the human, I earned certificates for several modalities including energy psychology, NLP, yoga, quantum manifestation, and healing trauma. And completed more than 14 courses in applied integrated holistic practices and voice mastery.

All to better understand how I could triumph over the pain and call my dream life into being.

As I learned more about the connections between trauma, healing, and self-expression, I saw the voice as the life-altering tool that it is.


I started speaking up and sharing my wisdom for impacting, and building wealth and freedom.

Healing my throat wound and voicing my truth changed EVERYTHING.

Finally, I:

👋 confidently waved goodbye to a town, job, and life that wasn’t setting my soul on fire

📈 Launched a heart-led online business, scaled it to 6 figures in two years and created greater time freedom

🫂 Cultivated an engaged community of thousands of women reclaiming their voices, stories, and destinies

❤ Found the love of my life and finally felt fully seen and heard in a relationship

✈ Traveled the world working remotely from sun-soaked, health-giving destinations

But I’m not special.

You, too, can use your voice to create the impact, influence, and income you desire.

And my mission is to help you do it.

Trained and Certified By

It’s time to GET LOUD

THIS is for you if...

  • You are done with the self-doubt and ready to step into your purpose

  • You are ready to make impact and grow your online business

  • You are ready to share your wisdom for wealth and create greater time freedom, locational freedom and fulfillment!

  • You are an online coach, fempreneur or thought leader ready to use the virtual stage to grow an engaged community and attract ideal clients!

THIS is not for you if...

  • You are not called to building or scaling an online business that serves others

  • You aren't coachable

  • You don't believe in the freedom lifestyle, purpose and creating impact

  • You aren't willing to dedicate time to stepping into your voice

The World NEEDS Your Voice.

Share Your Wisdom For Wealth

Introducing Voice of Her Academy: a revolutionary course that’ll give you the skills, support, and confidence you need to own your purpose and literally CALL in your dreams.

Move at your own pace and feel supported with live coaching calls and 12 in-debt modules inside the course area.

This unique holistic program combines 8+ disciplines, including chakra healing, voice technique, mindset and energetics, nervous system training and storytelling mastery to unlock your inner voice and take your speaking voice from a weak whisper to a rallying roar.

As you speak, so you CREATE, my love.

Tune into your inner voice and hear the messages eager to come out

Overcome subconscious blocks and cultural programming keeping you quiet by identifying the throat wounds in your past.

You’ll turn off the limiting stories that have been playing on repeat ever since. Rediscover your true voice. And learn how to use it to manifest your life’s purpose.

Build a strong mindset and triumph over the fear of judgement

Emotional regulation is key in expressing yourself and sharing your wisdom and expertise. So is training your nervous system to hold your newfound voice.

You'll build nervous system flexibility so that fear, stress, and anxiety can’t keep your truth trapped inside any longer and your career success delayed.

Speak your truth, impact your audience, and get what you really want in business and life

Master the fundamentals of voice ownership, technique, and production. So you can express with confidence on- and offline.

You’ll unblock the throat chakra so you can become a MAGNET for what you desire most.

Impact, wealth, and freedom!

You'll receive expert education, step-by-step action steps, and personalized feedback to turn up the volume of your business

Plus an exclusive community of ambitious women you can build with

Study at your own pace

Live calls every fortnight and the academy modules sit in our online portal for self-study.

Personal workbook with easily digestable weekly action items

To solidify and implement the teachings

Exclusive IG community for accountability

For round-the-clock feedback, support, accountability, and networking

PLUS: 4 BONUS Modules

(worth $1500)

Empowering masterclasses, tools and practices for vocal empowerment and amplified feminine leadership

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In a matter of weeks, you could have

confidence and ease in sharing your message

Or you could still be trapped in spirals of self-doubt and self-censorship, second-guessing your brilliance.

When you join VOH Academy and commit to doing the work,

you put the odds significantly in your favor for the former.

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Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how we’ll make sure your future self owes you a thank-you note:

Healing The Throat-Wound

You'll get to the cause of your block and uncover the 5 root blocks that mute women and how to heal them.

Own Your Expression

Free your authentic expression and use your uniqueness to call in soulmate clients.

Gain Authority

Boost your authority, gain trust in your industry and be seen as the go to expert for your niche.

Advocate Your Worth

Have confidence in saying what you offer, ask for what you deserve and get paid what you're worth.

Story = Impact & Income

Craft and share your story in a way that will connect with others and rally them around your mission.

Become Unshakeable

Master your mindset and energetics when putting yourself out there. Build presence and visibility with ease!

Unlock The Public Speaker Within

Pocket expert tips and techniques to master public speaking. Overcome the fear for when your moment comes.

Access Your True Potential

Speak and create! Activate your throat chakra and embody an empowered voice. It's time to expand, serve and build your freedom lifestyle!


Your Vulva and Your Voice

Unlock these two connected power centers for deep clarity and feminine empowerment.


Get Visible & Grow

Up your social media game and call in clients who need your work. It's time to scale, create authentic content and make socials work for you.


Embrace The Feminine Force

Get out of your head and into your heart. Embrace femininity as a superpower in communication.


Your Voice is Your Vibe

How to heal and manage emotions for greater connection, influence, and impact.

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Own The Virtual Stage

Feel comfortable and confident speaking in front of your audience, create compelling video content and connect with your community effortlessly.

Amplify Your Leadership Presence

Develop a commanding presence that captivates and inspires others.

Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Discover the power of your unique voice and express yourself with confidence and ease.

Own The Virtual Stage

Feel comfortable and confident speaking in front of your audience, create compelling video content and connect with your community effortlessly.

Amplify Your Leadership Presence

Develop a commanding presence that captivates and inspires others.

Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Discover the power of your unique voice and express yourself with confidence and ease.

Join a growing community of thousands of women owning their voices, stories, and destinies...


I CLEARLY introduced myself and then went into the elevator pitch...we sold enough tickets to launch our 10 club fundraiser and I got 8 contacts offering to help! I think that's a winner!


Herbalist and IT Project Manager


Alyssa has helped me to see that for the full processing of trauma to occur movement and bodywork are essential components of the overall recovery journey and this will help me now to guide others in the right direction when blocks arise in talking therapy.

Mental Health Therapist


"My throat pain completely cleared and that is SO big and I know it's because I'm doing this work. Thank you for this container it's so beautiful!"


Spiritual Healer, Money Mentor and Author


So grateful for Alyssa's teachings. I have used her tips for every performance and without them, I don't know how I would have got through my delivery. She gives so many tools and voice-changing advice than any other teacher I have had. You are awesome! Thank you!

Public Speaker

Brooke, Spiritual Healing Life Coach

"I asked to do fewer hours which has changed my life AND this week, I GOT A PROMOTION to Team Leader which is incredible!"

Sophie, Leader and Community Organiser

“Before, my heart would be pounding and my ideas wouldn’t be clear. I’d ramble when trying to speak. Since completing the program, I’ve become more confident in speaking my truth and being authentic. I’m now able to speak my truth to my parents. I feel strength and power to be who I want to be.”

Without the tools, resources, and support from Alyssa, I would have never been able to do this on my own. I was going through the motions of life before. Now I’m the creator of my own life. I feel like I can do anything.

- Sophie, Trained Nutritionist and Train Conductor

"I'm moving forwards with my newfound voice!

- Lexi, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

"Alyssa is so non-judgmental and puts you at ease, in a safe space, and allows you to be vulnerable."

- Sarah, Holistic Health Coach

"I literally couldn't sleep because I was buzzing, excited about what was to come for me!"

- EJ, Staff and Developing Manager

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this to people, they would be very lucky to get the chance to work with you."

- Sanny, Career Woman and New Mum

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Safe Space Guarantee:

We understand that speaking up in a group setting can be intimidating, especially if you're anxious about judgment or criticism. I want to assure you that when you join my program, you'll be entering a safe and supportive environment to practice voice owning your voice and truth. I guarantee you that you will never be forced to speak up, you have the option to move through the journey as you like.

I guarantee that the group will be a judgment-free zone where everyone is encouraged to express themselves authentically and respectfully.

You'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and challenges without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Together, we will foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and growth, empowering you to overcome your fear of speaking up and find your voice with confidence.


I am quite busy with other commitments, will I miss any content?

Nope! We have you covered.

Modules are stored inside the VOH Portal which means this isn’t a fixed program. However, there are 6 LIVE coaching sessions for personal attention and support of which you would benefit from attending!

VOH is a space where you can take everything at your own pace and work through any module at one time and in your own time.

For best results, we recommend scheduling 1 hour a week to move through each lesson.

Will I be made to speak in front of others?

On our live calls, we offer spotlight coaching. This means that throughout the course there are opportunities to be coached one-to-one in the group call. This is optional.

We guarantee that you will never be pushed to speak up in the community, though it would be great practice for you! For those craving to use their voice, get loud, and gain confidence there is plenty of opportunity and for those working through the work introvertly, that's perfect too!

When and where do sessions take place?

You can work through each module inside the portal at your own pace.

The course starts on January 21st 2024 and live calls take place on 28th Jan, 11th Feb, 25th Feb, 10th March, 24th March, 7th April. The 6 live sessions take place on zoom.

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the VOH Portal for one year.

Can I cancel my place?

Upon purchasing the VOH Academy there are no refunds or deferrals whether you are on the monthly payment plan or the one-time payment option.

Join the only all-in-one holistic voice training that connects your mind, body, soul, and voice

If the below payment options don't support your country please reach out to and we'll get you set up!




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Pay in full for VOH Academy and save $1000! Normally $3499

$2499 One-time payment

Pace Setter

3-Month Payment Plan (pay monthly and spread the cost) Save $1000 now!

Normally $1432/mo


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