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Turn Your Wisdom into Your Wage, Create a Freedom-Based Lifestyle and Live Anywhere Doing What You Love...

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A sustainable business based on your skills, gifts, knowledge and wisdom that can make you $5k- $10 PLUS months in the first year and beyond thereafter.

Limitless income: after you learn the tricks, you could be looking at 60k-120k months and beyond! NO LIMIT.

Impacting and changing lives with your story

Your own passive income empire

Locational freedom! Travel the world or settle in your dream destination.

Life on your time and terms. No more hamster wheel!

Don't Miss The Boat!

Join one of the largest-growing industries set to make $319 billion by 2029!

Get on this boat now and don't get left behind!

Wisdom To Wealth is your IN to online business and teaches you everything you need to know in starting and growing your soul-led offerings.

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You don't need a big following to go BIG!

Your business can work even if you don't have a huge following, so make no mistake, you are good to go as you are.

All The Gains

The Ins and Outs of Online Entrepreneurship

Live Coaching, Modules and Expert Sessions - We don't miss a thing!

Wealth To Wisdom provides you with the tools and support you need to start, scale and sustain your dream online business.

This is a 6- month course with over 15 modules.

Live sessions run every second first and second sunday of the month.

You'll also have access to 8 bonus modules in addition to the live coachings and resources and tools for support throughout.

One-to-One Attention



Outside of our bi- weekly calls you can also updgrade and join the inner circle which gives you access to Alyssa in whatsapp exchanging voice clips/messages throughout the journey.

We'll hold you accountable and help you move through any internal or externals blocks standing in the way of you progressing.

Empowered By Our Community

Join the community for extra accountability and support

There is power in community...

Join a tribe of women on the same journey as you!

In our private group chat you'll be able to connect with eachother and build your network for friendships and collaborations.

Master the Online Space

Feel comfortable and confident with the required technological systems to start and build your business.

Clarify Your Offer

Build a passive income system that people will pay for!

Find Your Unique Voice and Get Visible!

Cut through the noise with your unique voice and build a business that makes you standout.

Master The Online Space

Feel is comfortable and confident with the required technological systems to use to start and build your business.

Clarify Your Offers

Build a passive income system that people will pay for!

Find Your Unique Voice and Get Visible

Cut through the noise with your unique voice and build a business that makes you standout.

Trained and Certified By

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Why Wisdom to Wealth?

  • This is a LIVE container which means you get close attention and support in your set-up.

  • As a coach, I have built my business from the ground up hitting 5-7k months in my first year alone...WITH NO big following online.

  • I rebranded my business and chose an entirely new audience (basically starting from scratch) making an 11k month in my first launch!

  • I know the fear of working with tech and social media and so if I can make it work, you can too!

  • I know the importance of being the face and voice of a personal brand and understand how to cut through the noise.

  • I've invested high 5 figures in my growth, on top of my own experience.

  • I've tested all the biz strategies and know what works and doesn't. This is important because there's plenty of fluff out there!

  • I will take you through EVERYTHING you need to know to get started and grow your biz and brand with SOUL.

I'm here to:

  • Provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools
  • Give you strategy when you're winging it
  • Give you feedback when you're confused
  • Give you confidence when you're wobbling
  • Support your creative vision and purpose
  • Be your biggest cheerleader

  • Teach you to regulate when you're off-balance
  • Guide you in bringing your dream into reality
  • Give you advice when your stuck
  • Support you when you're world is swirling
  • Motivate you to be conistent
  • Stop you from making the mistakes I did

Money Back Guarantee:

Only for the group container.

We are confident that the Wealth to Wisdom program will provide you with the guidance, tools, and support you need to launch and grow your soulful business. We believe in the value of our program and its ability to empower you on your entrepreneurial journey.

That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you participate fully in the Wealth to Wisdom program, complete all the modules, and implement the recommended strategies, and you don't build tangible results within 60 days of completing the program, we will gladly refund your investment.

We are committed to your success and want you to feel confident in your decision to join our program. Our money-back guarantee ensures that you have the opportunity to experience the transformative benefits of Wealth to Wisdom risk-free.

Take the first step towards building your soulful business with the reassurance of our money-back guarantee.

Join W2W today and unlock your business potential with confidence.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our refund policy for more details.


Where do I need to be and what time?

Live sessions take place with Alyssa every first and second Sunday of the month.

Sessions take place on Zoom and all modules are held in the w2w portal.

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the course area of w2w for one year from your start date.

Access to live sessions and inner circle will discontinue after 7 months.

Do I receive personal help?

On our bi-weekly calls there will be spotlight coaching and you can upgrade to the inner circle at any point within the 7 months where you'll receive whatsapp support directly with Alyssa.

Can I cancel my place?

Upon purchasing there are no refunds or deferrals whether you are on the payment plan or the one-time payment option.

Does w2w guarantee me success?

We firmly believe that success is a multifaceted concept, unique to each individual. No course or program can guarantee a specific outcome but we can assure you that our program is meticulously designed to provide you with invaluable tools, expert guidance, and unwavering support on your path to building your online business and cultivating entrepreneurial greatness.

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Still Have Questions?

Book a free call with me and I'll help you with anwsers!


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