What is VOH Academy?

Think of VOH Academy as a year-long, online school, coaching, container and program that supports you on your journey of becoming fully voiced in your relationships, love life, work life or business.

VOH Academy is your bestie for unleashing your truth to the world and learning to enjoy showing up as YOU, be it personally or professionally.

The Academy empowers women to step toward the most liberated version of themselves so they can excel in all areas of life and attract everything they deserve!

What You'll Experience In

Monthly Group Coaching

In-depth coaching each month

VOH is here to provide you with the tools and support you need to develop your leadership skills and confidently express yourself in all aspects of business, love and life.

On the last Sunday of every month you will join Alyssa Martyn for an in-depth mentoring, coaching, training, self-empowering and activation session covering the ins and outs of becoming fully voiced personally and professionally.

All sessions are recorded and sent to you for playback. Sessions last between 90-120 minutes.

Monthly Workbook

Downloadable to keep

Owning your voice means owning your authentic self.

We dive deep each month in the VOH Workbook where you'll be working with prompts, exercises and tools to rewire and heal deep rooted blocks that have you on mute, vocally and expressionally.

Empowering Community

Private Telegram Group

A tribe of women on the same journey, all supporting and empowering one another.

This is how we give voice to women, through sisterhood and creating a safe space for women to be heard, seen, felt and cheered on.  

Through Telegram you'll be able to connect with like-minded women and this is where you'll be prompted further by Alyssa each month.

Who is this for?

ACTIVE Female Leaders

E.g. Coaches/Mentors/ Facilitators/Healers/



Influencers/Those in Service/Space Holders/ Entrepreneurs/Thought Leaders

Anyone showing up in the public eye making impact using their voice

ASPIRING Female Leaders

E.g. Coaches/Mentors/ Facilitators/Healers/



Influencers/Those in Service/Space Holders/ Entrepreneurs/Thought Leaders

Anyone feeling the call to step into the public eye or get louder in their industry

Vocally Blocked Women

Women in relationships and employment experiencing vocal block, anxiety around speaking up and stress when desiring to be authentic and truthful.

Any woman feeling expressionally and vocally blocked

I'm in!

Why Join VOH Academy?

Empowerment and Liberation

Are you ready to be heard, show up in in full truth and free yourself from the fear of being judged in your personal and professional life?

Now is your moment to become BOLD in your femininity, BOLD in your quirkiness, and unshakable in your frequency. Your voice matters because YOU matter.

Making Impact

When you show up fully voiced, you inspire other women and your power is unlimited. There is nothing more rewarding than to be of service and use your voice to create a wave of good.

Creating a Life You Deserve

When a woman becomes fully voiced, every corner of her life changes. Showing up in authenticity makes us magnetic for what we desire in our relationships, business, and finances.

Your voice matters in the manifestation of your entire life because it's your portal to the external world and can be the difference between you living in limitation versus liberation.

Monthly Modules

In VOH Academy we address mind, body and voice, connecting you to your truth through monthly in-depth masterclasses and coachings.

VOH Academy helps you to work with your nervous system, raise vocal consciousness, rewire your mind and heal the throat wound so you can feel AUTHENTIC, EMPOWERED and ALIVE in every corner of your life.

See all dates in FAQs.



Get to the roots of your blocks and unlock your true voice.


Energy Activation

Understand the connection of voice and vibration and how to unleash your power.



It's a mind, body, voice pathway to your overall success.



Your calibration is what makes you magnetic.

Current Succes Stories

What Women Say...

Client Love

"I'm moving forwards with my newfound voice!

-Lexi, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

"Alyssa is so non-judgmental and puts you at ease, in a safe space, and allows you to be vulnerable."

- Sarah, Holistic Health Coach

"I feel I can do anything, I've got the power to do ANYTHING!"

- Sophie, Trained Nutritionist and Train Conductor

"I literally couldn't sleep because I was buzzing, excited about what was to come for me!"

- EJ, Staff and Developing Manager

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this to people, they would be very lucky to get the chance to work with you."

- Sanny, Career Woman and New Mum

Payment Plans

We've got you covered.

Done and Dusted!

  • Pay for the full year of VOH Academy ahead and save £149
    One-time payment

Pace Setter

  • Pay monthly for VOH Academy
    £142 per month
    (for 12 months)

VIP Option

  • Pay for the full year ahead AND work privately with Alyssa (private/bespoke 75-minute one-on-one session every month) in addition to VOH Academy. That's 12 private sessions!
    £3222 One-time payment

VIP Option (Pay Monthly)

  • Pay monthly AND work privately with Alyssa (private/bespoke 75-minute one-on-one session every month) in addition to VOH Academy. That's 12 private sessions!
    £286 per month (for 12 months)


When and where do sessions take place?

The last Sunday of every month from March 2023 to March 2024.

2023 Dates: 26th March, 30th Apr,28th May, 25th June, 30th July, 27th Aug, 24th Sept, 29th Oct, 26th Nov, Saturday 30th Dec ( because 31st is New Year's Eve),

2024 Dates: 28th Jan, 25th Feb, 31st March

Time: 7.30 pm UK Time

Sessions take place on zoom and all sessions are recorded and sent to you for playback. This means if you can't make some of the lives you can catch up and if you want to replay the sessions you can!

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the VOH Portal for one year from the month you join.

I am quite busy with other commitments, will I miss any content?

Nope! If you can't make the live calls, fear not! We have you covered.

Every Module is recorded and stored inside the VOH Portal which means this isn’t a fixed program, so there’s no pressure to keep up or follow steps as such.  VOH is a space where you can take everything at your own pace and work through any module at one time and in your own time. VOH Academy is like a new hobby that will not only bring you education and joy but pure empowerment!

Is this group coaching and will I be made to speak in front of others?

This is a group/tribe/community journey however there are times when the space will be open for sharing and Alyssa will offer individuals personal attention.

If you are seeking private attention there are VIP options available where you can work with Alyssa alongside VOH Academy.

You will never be pushed to speak up in the community, though it would be great practice for you! For those craving to use their voice, get loud and gain confidence there is plenty of opportunity and for those working through the work introvertly, that's perfect too!

Does this work require me to sing?

No! But there will be options to learn singing if that calls you!

Can I cancel my place?

Upon purchasing the VOH Academy there are no refunds or deferrals whether you are on the monthly payment plan or the one-time payment option.

What's the difference between VOH Academy and Own Your Voice?

VOH Academy is a group container where you are given tools, knowledge and wisdom to work within your own time. Because this is a year-long course, it's less intense than a program but still as substantial and deep.

Own Your Voice is a one-on-one program where Alyssa will work closely with you to focus on the unique blocks specific to you in your journey of becoming fully voiced and transforming your business and life.

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